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SixView Manager® Version 3

Cloud management of Sixnet series industrial cellular products

SN6000 Series

SixView Manager

SixView Manager™ software offers remote management of Sixnet series industrial cellular RTUs and routers to reduce operating costs and drive productivity.

With a web-based console and customized dashboard, users are able to remotely access, configure and manage critical device information for several, even thousands, of Sixnet series RAM® cellular RTUs and IndustrialPro® SN routers from a central location. Key metrics— such as signal strength, data usage, connectivity, IP addresses and alarms—are displayed in real time to help simplify troubleshooting. Administrators can remotely set user-based access control parameters, upgrade firmware, configure VPNs and update firewall settings, thereby saving time and reducing maintenance costs.


  • Remote site management lowers total cost of ownership
  • Mass configuration simplifies and accelerates deployment
  • Configurable parameters enhance security
  • Manage thousands of devices from a central web-based console


Mass Configuration Saves Time & Deployment Costs

Auto Provisioning Prevents Unwanted Access

  • Initial unit configuration
  • Firmware updates
  • VPN configuration
  • Firewall policy enforcement
  • Mass unit migration

Remote Troubleshooting Saves Truck Rolls

Control Enables faster troubleshooting

  • Change and update firmware
  • Change or update policies
  • Remote reboot
  • Delete or modify user access rights



  • Web browser (Firefox, Chrome, Internet Explorer 10+)
  • Linux server (examples: Red Hat Enterprise 6; Centos 6)



  • RLC-SVM3


  • SixView Manager Version 3


  • Power Transmission and Energy Monitoring
  • Oil and Gas/Pipeline
  • Water/Wastewater
  • Transportation
  • Video and Security

Remote Administration of Multiple Devices Simplifies Use

  • Configuration changes
  • Job scheduling (single or multi device)
  • Intent-to-edit protections
  • Customize data grid views
  • Control user permissions (control editing capabilities)

Remote Monitoring Provides Real-Time Status

Reporting of Key Metrics Enable Proactive Decision Making

  • Up-time • Utilization
  • Signal strength
  • Firmware version
  • ESN, MDN or IMEI
  • IP address


  • Four or more core, 64-bit CPU at 2 GHz or faster
  • 4GB RAM or higher